Home Diet Stress, low back pain, digestion: 10 gym routines that relieve everyday ailments

Stress, low back pain, digestion: 10 gym routines that relieve everyday ailments

Back that gets stuck, lazy transit, torticollis … An osteopath gives us the right movements to do at home, to deal with all our daily ills.

Poor postures, sedentary lifestyle , stress … on a daily basis, we lead hard times to our joints, our muscles and our skeleton. With the key: back pain , stomach ache, tense jaw . What if we had an effective toolbox to relieve all our pain at home by working our muscles? Dr Marc Perez, osteopathic doctor author of “My bible of the osteo-gym” (ed Leduc.s) gives us his exercises, tested and approved. Interview

Current Woman: How does movement help to heal?
Dr. Marc Pérez: when you have suffered an injury or trauma, you must bandage and avoid movement. But 90% of the pain we suffer from is due to a lack of mobility, elasticity and oxygenation of the tissues. They are said to be functional, they have no specific causes, such as a shock or a blow. These are postural disorders, bad positions. Movement helps stretch and re-oxygenate tissue. It is necessary to consult your doctor before starting the exercises to check that there is no serious pathology

How to move when the area is painful?
You have to go very gradually. Practice a warm-up when the joint is still stiff and end the session with stretching .

How can we act on organs like the lungs which are not muscles?
The viscera (kidneys, lung …) are oxygenated by arteries which generally remain at rest. As soon as you move, you increase the flow in the kidneys, you increase the respiratory rate, the cardiac beats. It feels like bodybuilding. Exaggerated rest is bad for the body, it ankyloses and lowers blood flow.

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