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Sugar and Body Transformation

Cutting down on the mount of sugar we eat is imperative to a healthier body and physique. Whether you are looking to shred body fat, lose weight or maintain a constant energy level, controlling the amount of sugar you consume goes a long way into gaining the results that you want.

Below is a list of things that may happen when you remove sugar or reduce consumption in your diet.

1. Improved liver function
2. Gut function will improve
3. Reduced food cravings
4. Mental health could improve
5. Less mood swings
6. Improve sleep pattern
7. Weight Loss
8. Increased Energy Output
9. Skin improvements

To prove this concept Inline Fitness Centres Duty Manager Richard Birkett has embarked on a month long sugar free diet and has seen an increased in strength, substantial weight loss, increased energy levels, reduced snoring and deeper sleep.

This is hands on proof that reducing or even eradicating sugar can have on your health and well being.

10 Foods to be wary of when choosing meals with reduced sugar content.

1. Low Fat Yoghurt
2. BBQ & Ketchup Sauce
3. Fruit Juice
4. Sports Drinks
5. Granola
6. Flavoured Coffees
7. Pre Made Soup
8. Cereal & Cereal Bars (as discussed in previous vlogs)
9. Baked Beans
10. Bottled Smoothies

An awful lot of the above foods are in everyday use in certain households and if taken out of your diets can dramatically aid the transformation process of the body whether it be fat loss or for any of the bullet points lists in the previous paragraphs.

In order to assist as best we can going forward Search Health will be bringing you some fantastic low and sugar free recipes and vlogs later in the summer months when the Search Health and Inline Nutrition on site kitchen is up and running giving you an insight first hand on the whole process from preparation to consumption of great healthy low sugar food.

On site professional chefs and fantastic fresh and strategically searched produce will go not the recipes as quality ingredients plays a vital role in the production of fantastic food.

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