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Ten Exercises to Do At Home to Keep the Line

Want to relax without having to pay a subscription in a gym?

Do some exercises at home!

No need for equipment, your only motivation will be enough to reshape your body.

But before starting, be aware that the sport requires certain willingness and especially a certain rigor. For this, impose weekly exercise times. It’s up to you to determine the pace of your training. The ideal situation is to leave one or two days of rest between two physical exercises. Your muscles need to rest and relax. Do not try to make long sessions in the first days. Go step by step!

1. A series of crunch abs

Crunch abs is a classic but effective exercise that will strengthen your belly and eliminate unnecessary small beads. Be careful with your back, you could suffer if you position yourself badly.

How to do them? Lie on a sports mat, place your feet flat in the continuity of your hips, position your hands on each side of your head and spread your elbows to keep your back straight. Raise your bust by tucking in your belly and blowing. Remember to look up; your neck should stay straight. To go down again, inhale through the nose. No need to force a lot when contraction of muscles, the goal is to simply take off your shoulder blades. The lower back should always be in contact with the ground.

2. Alternate elbow to opposite knee movement

Easier than the abdominal crunch, this exercise works the oblique, the muscles located on the sides.

How to do it? Lying on your back, position yourself as if you were going to do abs. Peel off your shoulders off the floor and move your chest forward. Pivot your torso while bringing your knee to the opposite shoulder. Renew the movement with the other leg.

3. The exercise of the “heel touch”

Simple to perform, this movement allows working only the oblique muscles. Ideal to make small love handles disappear.

How to do it? Always lie on your back, position your feet in the continuity of your hips. Put your arms around your body, lift your chest slightly and rotate to bring your hand closer to your foot. Do the same thing on the other side.

4. Pumps, knees on the ground

Often practiced by men to gain pecs, this exercise allows girls to get a higher bust. Ladies, be careful not to abuse the pumps, you could have an unwanted effect: take muscle, yes, but especially lose chest volume.

How to do them? Put on your stomach, cross your ankles and lift yourself with your hands.

5. The Burpees

Very quickly exhausting, the Burpees will make you work your legs, your buttocks, your abs and your pecs. It is a good way to refine your silhouette.

How to do it? This exercise is composed of several movements. First, make a pump and bring your feet closer to your hands to find yourself in a squatting position. Finally, jump upwards stretching as far as possible. Repeat the steps as many times as you can.

6. The bridge for the glutes

To have a curved gluteal, this exercise is ideal. It helps to strengthen your buttocks and firm your abdominal lower abdomen.

How to do it? Lie on your back and position your feet in continuity with your pelvis. Leave your arms around your body and lift your buttocks and lower back. Remember to exhale when you contract your muscles and inhale when you relax.

7. The front slits to firm thighs

Ideal for toning the thighs and glutes, this exercise will require some sense of balance.

How to do them? Stand with your hands on your hips. Position one foot back (your back foot should be on the tip) and the other forward. Hold your bust upright and then go down until the front leg makes a right angle. Get up and start again.

8. Extension of the hip

Easy to perform, it can strengthen the part located under the buttocks. Thus, your buttocks will be more bouncy.

How to do it? Get on all fours and stretch one of your legs. Exhale as you hold it and inhale when you release it to contract your abs.

9. Work of the calves

This exercise is often favored by men who often find their calves too thin.

How to do it? Standing, legs slightly bent and feet apart, you should just put on the tips of your feet and go down.

10. Sheathing

Not easy to realize the first time, the sheathing allows toning all the muscles of your body.

How to do it? Lying on your stomach, rest on your elbows, then put yourself on the tips of your feet. Contract all your muscles to be able to balance.

Do not forget to stretch yourself!

To avoid suffering from aches the next day, it is essential to stretch well!

More Tips for Daily Physical Exercises

It is possible to have a physical activity by exercising daily at home or work. Here are few more tips to achieve optimal fitness in your daily life.

Think of walking as much as possible about 30 minutes each day

Walking every day is one of the best daily and regular endurance exercises. Get in the habit of shopping on foot, stop a bus stop or metro stop earlier, walk your dog, do not take your car routinely for trips of 5 or 10 minutes.

To go upstairs

Make a habit of taking the stairs instead of taking the ascender.

Take the opportunity to make some movements.

Work your arms up the stairs and turning them in and out.

In front of a computer or TV

Take advantage of the number of hours spent in front of a computer or in front of the television to make some movements.

Place your back straight, elbows on the table with your shoulders parallel to the floor.

As he exhales, contract his abs while raising one knee under the table, then relax while inhaling.

Alternate this with each leg about 10 times.

In the bedroom

The room is also a place where it is possible to make some movements.

Stand with your back straight and your feet a little apart and parallel to your shoulders.

Place hands on the kidneys, fingers to the ground.

Gently bring your elbows together, forcing a little until you feel a stretch.

Hold a minute and release

Repeat the exercise regularly 5 times.

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