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Tendinitis of the shoulder: what are the different treatments?

How to treat tendinitis of the shoulder? We go around the natural and medical solutions.

Tendinitis of the shoulder: what are the possible causes?

Tendinitis, what is it exactly? A tendonitis (also called “tendinitis” in medical language) is an inflammation of the tendon. If, sometimes, tendonitis can be related to a disease or a drug – scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis , anabolic steroids … – most of the time, the cause is mechanical.

”  A bad posture prolonged, micro-traumatisms or the repetition of the same gesture can cause tendinitis  ” develops Adrien Ezine, osteopath.

To know: the most common tendinitis are those of the shoulder (golf elbow for the golfer), Achilles tendon, knee (especially for cyclists), elbow (tennis elbow) ), wrist and hip.

At the origin of tendinitis of the shoulder, there is a wear of the “rotator cuff”, a set of 4 tendons which covers the humerus, that is to say the first bone of the arm. These 4 tendons (supraspinous, infraspinous, subscapular and long biceps) allow in particular the movements of rotation and elevation of the shoulder.

What causes for tendinitis of the shoulder? Tendinitis of the shoulder often occurs in the professional setting, in people who raise their arms a lot: waiters, painters, cashiers, teachers … Some sports can also lead to tendonitis of the shoulder: tennis , swimming, climbing , golf…

Namely: people who smoke are more likely than others to have shoulder tendinitis!

Treatments: how to treat tendinitis of the shoulder?

  • Medical care

To calm pain and inflammation in the acute phase, the general practitioner may prescribe analgesics and general anti-inflammatory drugs . If this is not enough and the pain persists, an infiltration of corticosteroids on the surface of the tendons (sub-acromial infiltration) may be performed by the rheumatologist.

In parallel, rehabilitation by the physiotherapist will refocus the head of the humerus and teach the patient the right actions to prevent recurrence – twenty sessions may be necessary.

And if this is still not enough, a surgical operation may be considered: acromioplasty involves planing a part of the acromion, a vaulted shoulder bone that passes over the head of the humerus and which, because of the friction, can favor the occurrence of tendinopathy.

  • Natural solutions

Aromatherapy. Make a massage oil by mixing 1 drop of Sweet Galeria essential oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall) in 4 drops of vegetable oil (sweet almond oil, for example). Then massage very gently the painful shoulder each day until improvement. (Source: The company of the senses )

Phytotherapy. Prepare a decoction of willow by pouring 1 tbsp. to s. dried bark (to buy on the internet) in a cup of cold water. Bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes, filter and allow to cool in the refrigerator. Pour in a large bowl 6 to 10 tbsp. to s. of green clay powder.

Add the cold decoction without stirring with a wooden spoon. Stop as soon as the dough is neither too liquid nor too sticky. Spread this paste over the sore shoulder and cover with gauze. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat twice a day.

Cryotherapy . ”  Put an ice pack on the sore shoulder for about 15 minutes each day to ease the pain,  ” advises Adrien Ezine. Quick tip: frozen pea pouches fit well with body shapes for maximum relief!

Self-massage. Massage for 5 minutes each day the areas that secrete naturally cortisol analgesic and anti-inflammatory: the feet (emphasizing the area of ​​the center of the arch and under the big toe) and the hands (with emphasis on the Mount of Venus and on the basis of the thumb).

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