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The 3 mistakes that sabotage your results

You are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or gain strength and despite your efforts, the results are long overdue and you wonder why. To help you understand and make your workouts more effective, I have noted the 3 main mistakes that I notice in sports halls and that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Continually doing the same routine

When we are content to repeat the same type of training or the same exercises continuously, our body gets used to it. Besides, you have certainly noticed that what seemed difficult to you a few weeks ago, today seems much easier to you. It is therefore essential to vary things to continue to evolve.

To progress, you have to stress the muscles with unusual and repeated efforts. To achieve this, it is necessary to change the nature of sports activities as much as their intensity. So, if you were used to doing squats with weights of 5 kg, consider increasing the weight, the repetitions or the number of sets.

In addition, I recommend that you completely change your program every 4 to 6 weeks. If you are disciplined and diligent, this is the period after which the body gets used to it and stagnates.

Do only cardiovascular activities

Cardiovascular activities are certainly extremely beneficial for heart health and also allow you to burn a large number of calories during the sessions. Only here, just to do that, is not enough. Introducing bodybuilding sessions allows, among other things, to strengthen the joints and bones, while allowing you to sculpt a pretty silhouette.

In fact, what you have to understand is that in comparison, a bodybuilding session allows you to burn fewer calories but its effect on the metabolism is more lasting. Why?

For several reasons but in particular, because by developing muscle mass, the basic metabolism increases and thus helps to lose fat in the long term.
By incorporating weight training into your week, your muscle mass increases over the days. The muscle consuming energy throughout its reconstruction, the basal metabolism increases. Thus, the body spends more energy at rest. In the long run, more fat is burned.
So, by combining regular weight training and cardio training, you can increase your metabolism so that more fat is burned during and after exercise, including during sleep!

Not having structured workouts

Many people go to the gym without knowing what they are going to do there. Results, they try a little all the machines, especially those that seem “nice” and popular, just a few seconds, the time to feel a little effort and presto, next machine!

Unfortunately, by doing so, you do not risk reaching your goals. Worse, you may be hurt or discouraged and give up very quickly. So take the time to think about what you want to do. Why not attend a group class? Better yet, why not hire a personal trainer? Offering you sessions supervised by a competent professional, will allow you to better understand the logic of things and optimize this time dedicated to your training.

It is an investment in your physical and mental health that you are unlikely to regret.

In addition, for optimal results, remember to adapt your diet to your sporting activity and your goals. Sport and nutrition are two elements that are always inseparable.

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