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The 5 health benefits of… butter!

Raw, rich in vitamins, without additives, one hundred percent natural: it occupies a special place on our healthy plate.

He is not the fattest
By dint of repeating that we eat too much fat, it was sacrificed on the altar of thinness. However, many of us ignore it: against 100% lipids (fats) for oils, butter only displays 82%. Let’s take advantage of it because it is a great flavor enhancer, a resourceful cooking companion and a friend, even when watching his line – provided he does not abuse it. The right daily dose: 20 grams per day, the equivalent of a mini-tablet (the one found in hotels).

He pampers our skin and our eyes
It is the only fat that contains a significant amount of vitamin A: 20 grams of butter cover about 15% of our daily needs. A vitamin which contributes to the maintenance of the skin, which without it would dry out, as well as to the renewal of its cells. It is also very beneficial for our eyes, since it improves vision, especially at night.

It strengthens our bones
Butter is also in the top 20 foods richest in vitamin D. This, in addition to its benefit for our bones, since it contributes to the fixation of calcium, is also essential to the metabolism of our muscles and takes care of our immunity by allowing the activation of its defense system.

It is certified without additives
The designation “butter” guarantees that it only consists of fat, water, casein (milk protein), lactose (milk sugar) and mineral salts. It comes from 100% cream. Otherwise, it is called “light butter” , “concentrated butter” or “salted butter” . Its natural recipe is an asset in the face of certain non-virgin and cold-pressed margarines or oils which contain more or less harmful additives , such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors, colors …

It is compatible with an anti-cholesterol diet
Yes, butter contains LDL cholesterol (the bad one), but raw, at a rate of 15 grams per day (enough to spread your two slices of bread in the morning!), Its consumption as part of a balanced diet does not pose problem, unless contraindicated by your doctor.

Lightened, it loses all its virtues!
Lots of water, fat around 39 to 41%, it is often rich in additives (starch, starch and other preservatives), has hardly any vitamins and, in fact, only counts for butter. We forget it!

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