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The Effects Of Travel On The Body

Travel is the best way to escape the problems of life and recharge our emotional and physical batteries. It impacts our morale but also our body. That’s why it is important to choose your destination and plan your trip, whether you have two weeks of vacation or more. 

Here are some scientifically proven effects of traveling on our body. As incredible as it may be, it does not only have positive effects on us, some of them are unexpected. The time we are used to sleeping or going to the bathroom for example, are often the first things affected by the trip, and not the last:

An extended trip can affect the personality

Not surprisingly, the trip takes us outside our comfort zone. Maybe that’s why people always want to travel. In psychology, there is the “Big Five” theory, which refers to the 5 dominant traits, highlighted by Goldberg in 1900. These traits describe someone’s personality and include neurosis, openness, extroversion, awareness and amiability. The more the traveler interacts with new people and immerses himself in a new culture, the more he becomes open-minded.

Buttons from the first leg of the journey

You go on vacation and you are so happy that before you go to the airport, you make yourself beautiful. You have made up and pumped up. Once on the plane, an urgent desire takes you off your seat. You go to the toilet, and there, disaster: the image that the mirror reflects is far from pretty. What happened ? Do not worry, by a defense mechanism, your skin becomes fatter and you get off the flight with a few pimples on your face. This is because the low humidity in flight is enough to make you crazy and your skin too! Nothing serious, play down and enjoy your vacation.

A diet suddenly changed

During the holidays, we tend to test the local cuisine. Strict eating habits are often forgotten or left out. We fall for a dessert or a pastry that we do not know. Holidays are also made to break the routine and have fun, is not it? So, no regret. Let’s enjoy our trip and the pleasures that come with it.

Not as much sport as usual

Who has time for his gym routine during the holidays? Almost nobody unless you are a real sport addict. When you travel, you change your city or country and change your schedule. Now, we have other priorities: discover the region in which we find ourselves and have fun. No constraints and no duty. And that’s good.

The trip gives new perspectives

Observing how other cultures work and interact is the fastest way to be aware of our own culture. The things we take for granted are now put in perspective, they are questioned. The journey is beneficial in that it opens our eyes and makes us proud of our roots.

We do not wait for a baby, we just have an irregular cycle

When we put ourselves in stress, our body suffers the consequences. In addition, jet lag disrupts our biological clock and disrupts our menstrual cycle. Do not panic then.

Constipation of the traveler is not a myth

If you think that the constipation of the traveler is a myth, you are wrong. Most people find it difficult to regulate their toilet trips on vacation because of their anxiety. Several factors can cause constipation problems to travelers, led by the change of diet. The time difference and the change of routine are for something too.

The drop in energy due to jet lag  

Anyone who has already experienced the effects of jet lag knows exactly what the condition is like after a long flight. Be aware that every time you cross a time zone in which the clock hand moves an hour, it will take a full day to the body to readjust.

Flying causes more fatigue and headaches than your ex-boyfriend

If the time difference did not affect you, the air pressure will take care of it. We are often tired and irritable when we travel by plane. The explanation is simple: the air pressure prevents us from completely absorbing oxygen. It is altitude sickness and it is quite normal.

The journey increases emotional stability

The trip helps to question some things. Among its beneficial effects, one becomes less anxious when it comes to changes in one’s everyday life. People who travel are more open and willing to accept new things. They integrate them more quickly into their routine.

The adrenaline rush

Hiking and skydiving are two examples of holiday outings that create an adrenaline rush. This is one of the reasons we are traveling: we want to experience extreme sensations that we cannot have at home.

Our brain becomes faster when we speak another language

In addition to communicating with people we would not understand otherwise, to delve deeply into a culture that is not ours, speaking a foreign language is beneficial for health and especially the brain. By speaking a language that is not ours, we have better cognitive flexibility, a brighter spirit as we get older, less risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and we tend to be more open-minded. 

We become more aware of everything

When we travel, we are thirsty to discover new things. We then pay attention to everything, monuments, landscapes and people. We do not want to miss anything. Adventures are new, fun and exciting. They push us to become aware of all that surrounds us every day.

More likely to fall in love

It’s easy to fall in love when you’re not in our routine anymore! During the holidays, we leave all our worries and responsibilities behind us, at home, and we adventure to discover new and exciting places. Life seems more beautiful when we are relaxed. It is therefore logical and normal to fall in love outside our comfort zone. It is a frequent phenomenon.

We spend our time between hiking in the mountains, exploring new beaches, tasting an exotic cuisine. Who could not fall in love in such circumstances?

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