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The Importance of Eating Healthy Varied Diet

Surely you’ve already heard that “you have to eat a variety to be healthy”?! But, why is it important or even essential to eat varied?

Why do you need to vary your menus? Why you need to incorporate the most different foods?

All the answers to these questions are in the following lines.

Eating a variety, eating a balanced diet, eating everything: the key to success for a normal body size

While the idea of a healthy diet is sometimes far-fetched, it is clear that good old advice is still the best. The first of them is none other than that of maximizing your diet. A varied diet is indeed the key to success and in order to have a normal corpulence – from the moment we do not eat enough or such type of food, we arrive very quickly in a situation of insufficiency, thinness.

On the other hand, over eating a particular food can create a surplus or even an overweight. We must avoid eating too often in fast food restaurants where the food is caloric, fat and do not necessarily provide good nutrients for the body. All the importance of balance is therefore in the need of avoid as much as possible the gaps, and therefore the excesses .Eating a variety is essential for health.

A varied diet to have all the nutrients the body needs

By varying the diet, the body is given all the nutrients required to meet its different needs. Each food has specific virtues (fiber, vitamin, mineral, etc.) to make the body work in the best possible conditions. It will clearly be necessary to focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables or the healthiest foods that are more beneficial to health. Often colored foods provide plenty of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. It is also necessary to consume starchy foods, to take proteins and dairy products. You can consume sweet and fatty foods but by monitoring the quantities.

In addition, their consumption must be punctual. All foods are allowed although some are much more important to the body than others. In addition, an unchanged diet will lead to deficiencies that may affect your well being and your health. Finally, it is important to eat everything but in reasonable quantities to avoid weight gain. Diversified meals provide all the nutrients the body needs.

Diversified meals to prevent the appearance of certain diseases

Eating in a variety of ways is one of the keys to limiting the onset of disease. Thus, your body will have all the essential nutrients for its proper functioning. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables will help strengthen the immune system and keep energy. The importance of a varied diet will also affect your fitness level. A body filled with the right foods is a body that can provide everything you need to stay in shape.

In addition to a good diversified diet as we explained earlier, consider maintaining your fitness by playing sports like walking, running, biking, bodybuilding and team sports. All means are good to improve your fitness and help your body to function in the best possible way imaginable.

Quality food balanced and moderate

We forget all too often that our food, that is, what we drink and what we eat every day, is really the raw material with which we make our bodies. We must therefore ensure the quality of the food we eat.

Here are some tips:

Drink often and without restriction, whenever you are thirsty, preferably between meals. Drink water, light tea or herbal teas.

Decrease the consumption of fatty foods, especially those containing saturated fats (cold meats, cheeses, butter, etc.), and consume without excess sweet foods (biscuits, sweets, etc.)

Limit the consumption of sugary and alcoholic drinks. One liter of soda contains the equivalent of 15 to 25 pieces of 5 g sugar. Alcohol consumption should be limited to 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day for women and 2 to 3 for men.

Eat slow sugars (cereals, legumes, potatoes, whole wheat bread, etc.) that will provide you with energy gradually, which will avoid you to be hungry between meals.

Fruits and vegetables in our daily routine

Use vegetables and fruits that help keep the body healthy. The fibers and water they contain facilitate intestinal transit and their antioxidants (vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, etc.) protect our cells from aging.

Moderately salt your dishes. Excess salt can lead to problems with hypertension and fluid retention.

The importance of 3 real meals a day

The ideal situation is to eat at regular times and don’t skip meals. There should be around 3 real meals a day.

Breakfast: it must be generous to cover 25% of the nutritional intake of the day and revitalize the body after a night’s rest. It consists of a drink, starch for energy, a dairy product for calcium and protein, a fruit for vitamins and fiber.

Lunch: it covers about 40% of daily contributions. It consists of a starter based on vegetables or starchy foods, a dish of meat, fish or egg, accompanied by vegetables or starchy foods, a dairy product and a fruit.

The possible snack time: it avoids unwanted snacking before dinner. This snack should not exceed 5 to 10% of the daily contributions. Prefer seasonal fruits and ban chocolate bars and other sweets.

Dinner: it brings the remaining 35%. It features a vegetable-based entree, a dish (more frugal than lunch), a dairy product and a dessert.

In Conclusion

Good digestion prevents the accumulation of waste in the body in the form of fat deposits. Relax and eat slowly to regulate your digestion. Avoid consuming raw fruits at the end of meals because the acidity of the fruit blocks the digestion of starchy foods. Consume them rather between meals. If necessary, do not hesitate to use natural stimulants of digestion, for example in the form of infusions (chamomile, verbena, etc.).

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