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The slimming virtues of bananas

Not that high in calories! Bananas are the right appetite suppressant plan in case of cravings and the ideal snack to recharge the body with minerals before or after exercise.

Do not deprive yourself of bananas! Even if you watch your figure, this fruit will not make you fat … as long as you do not swallow several per day. Low in calories (90 kcal. On average), it is composed of 75% water and contains lots of good nutrients for health: carbohydrates (19%), magnesium (28mg), potassium (320mg), fibers (2.7%)…

Bananas: an appetite suppressant and slimming super fruit

On days when you need to have a late lunch, have a banana for breakfast. Super nourishing, it constitutes a good bulwark against possible nibbling / slipping around 11 am. Not very hungry when you wake up? Hop, we slip it in his bag to enjoy it in case of loss of shape. Ideal for recharging your batteries thanks to its carbohydrates (sugars), vitamin C and anti-fatigue iron. It’s better than swallowing cookies or a candy bar, in other words sugar shoots that risk causing a spike in hypoglycemia , and ultimately a big slack in return.

Bananas: the anti-cramp and anti-fatigue snack

Appreciated by top-level athletes, bananas are also good for simple amateurs. Its strength lies in its content of both complex carbohydrates (starch), which provide energy available for a few hours, and simple (glucose and fructose), which can be used directly by cells during physical activity. Another bonus: the potassium intake, this mineral salt rich in electrolytes that promotes better muscle recovery, prevents cramps and prevents fatigue. Also essential for athletes: magnesium because sweating and the release of adrenaline which accompany physical exertion increase losses. The Interprofessional Banana Association, which is launching an information campaign on the benefits of the super fruit (from September 28 to November 22, 2020), advises to consume it at the right time according to its degree of maturity:

  • To consume one to two hours before the effort: this time allows to start digestion and to avoid digestive heaviness during his sports session. Choose an unripe banana (pale yellow with green tips) or just ripe (very yellow). At this stage of maturity, it contains mainly starch, energy available for a few hours.
  • To consume during or after the effort : once the session is over, muscle reserves need to be recharged. Choose a fully ripe banana (tiger yellow). The carbohydrates it contains at this stage of maturity are mainly simple carbohydrates, energy available immediately.

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