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tips and slimming recipes from a doctor-nutritionist

During the confinement, many are trying to change their minds by organizing aperitifs by screens of computer interposed. How to enjoy these moments of relaxation without gaining weight? A doctor-nutritionist gives his advice.

“Stay home”. This message addressed to the entire population pushes the French to invent other ways of creating links. Among the most popular, we find “aperitifs-confinement”. Nicknamed “Skypéro” or even “coronapéro”, the principle is simple: share a moment of conviviality with family, friends or work colleagues … on video call!

Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger… So many platforms that allow you to toast virtually with your loved ones for an aperitif . An increasingly popular practice, which should become recurrent throughout the duration of confinement. How can you stay in shape while enjoying these essential moments of sharing to keep your spirits up? Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, doctor-nutritionist, gives her advice.

Containment: what if we adopted good eating habits?
In this difficult period, food has a central place. And for good reason: the stress and frustration of confinement can lead to eating more, more fatty and sweeter foods . This is called “comfort food”. The lack of activity caused by staying at home also increases this stress and promotes weight gain .

What if confinement was the perfect time to refocus on the essentials? Reviewing your sense of priorities means thinking first and foremost about your health, and therefore about the way you eat. Good eating habits to adopt during confinement?

take time for breakfast ;
take meals at a fixed time to structure the day;
do not eat in front of the television which broadcasts anxiety-provoking information;
do not eat too quickly;
choose healthy foods, and bet especially on those that help strengthen the immune system , and that we recognize thanks to their red (pepper…), yellow, orange (pumpkin…) and green (broccoli…) color.
Find alternatives to the essentials of the aperitif
The moment of the aperitif is also an opportunity to resume good habits, while having fun. There are multiple ways to approach this convivial moment healthily, but without depriving yourself. The first is to find alternatives to the essentials of the aperitif.

To replace the supermarket crisps, nothing like making them yourself ! To do this, cut the potatoes into very thin slices, with a mandolin for example, before cooking them in boiling water and placing them in the oven. You can even replace the salt with spices for even more lightness. Fast and effective !

The charcuterie board , much appreciated during the aperitif, can also be lightened. For this, you can simply bet on less fatty products , such as white ham, Grisons meat or even turkey breast. Same thing for the cheese board: bet on mozzarella, goat or cancoillotte, which are among the least caloric cheeses .

What about irreplaceable peanuts? Dried chickpeas can be a nice alternative. To do this, simply cook them in boiling water before placing them in the oven, and taste them!

Containment: light and delicious recipe ideas
To develop healthy recipes for an aperitif, let your creativity speak! If you lack imagination, here are some examples.

The traditional raw vegetables (carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel …) are essential for a light aperitif! For more indulgence, do not hesitate to cut them into sticks when possible, before dipping them in a sauce made with a sheep’s milk yogurt , herbs and a little onion.

It is trendy and good for your health: avocado toast has it all! To make it, simply mash an avocado to puree it, before spreading it on a slice of rye bread or cereal bread. Add a drizzle of olive oil , a pinch of salt, a little lemon, and voila!

The hummus is a good option for a light appetizer. But rather than buying it under vacuum, prepare it yourself. A tip that prevents you from going out during confinement, and that allows you to eat lighter. To make homemade hummus, cook chickpeas before mixing them. Then add sesame cream, lemon, garlic, cumin and salt. Your hummus is ready to be tasted.

To honor vegetables, you can also eat them cooked. Take, for example, carrots, cut them into rings, cook them in a pan, and add garlic and cumin. Wait for them to cool before serving them as an aperitif.

You can also bake a tomato and a red pepper in the oven (but not too much, so that it does not lose its vitamin C content!), Before grinding it into small pieces. Add garlic, coriander, mint and lemon. Let cool and then spread everything on toast!

“Aperitif-confinement”: what about drinks?
It’s no secret that alcohol should be consumed in moderation, at the rate of 2 glasses a day maximum and not every day. In addition to being bad for health, it is the sworn enemy of the line! So many good reasons to find to find alternatives, more original than the traditional sodas and fruit juices.

You can for example bet on kombucha , a slightly sparkling drink made from a living mixture composed of bacteria and yeast macerated in green (or black) tea and sugar. Ginger beer, a soft drink made from ginger may also be an option. Be careful however not to abuse these two drinks: if they do not contain alcohol, they are still rich in sugar!

The ideal drinks? Waters infused with fruit or homemade lemonade with mint leaves. Refreshing and hydrating, these vitamin mixes are perfect for keeping fit during this difficult period.

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