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Top 5 Fitness Watches

Having an activity tracker is the perfect way to monitor your physical activity and your health effortlessly, all with a unique precision. Consider this device as an electronic tool that will be there to constantly measure your heart rate, thus measuring the constants, the quality of sleep and the number of steps that one does.

Today, the fitness watches market is full of fantastic devices, most of which perform excellent tracking work. But let’s be honest, we’re only interested in what’s best on the market, and that’s probably the case for you too.

This guide will reveal you the cream of the cream of the connected watches that you can offer yourself. You will also see the difference between each line of watches in terms of features, price, design and quality of the software you will use on your smartphone.

The 5 Best Watches

1. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung comes in first place.

  • Display: Yes, AMOLED 1.5 inch
  • Heart Rate Tracker: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Activity Tracking: Yes
  • GPS: Yes, By Phone
  • Battery Life: 3 Days
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS


  • Super design
  • Offline Spotify support


  • Configuration process impractical
  • Costly for an activity tracker

The Gear Fit 2 Pro has a great design that makes it really good at the wrist. And since it is equipped with a large AMOLED display, you will be able to see all your statistics clearly and clearly.

It’s also equipped with a built-in GPS so you can leave your phone at home while you’re going to work out, as well as a premium heart rate sensor that should give you one of the most accurate readings possible from a wrist tracker. In addition to that, he will be able to function while you swim.

2. TomTom Spark 3

Music, fitness tracking and wrist navigation!

  • Screen: Yes, Monochrome
  • Heart Rate Tracker: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Activity Tracking: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: Two Week
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS


  • Music without phone
  • GPS Navigation


  • The menu system is a real labyrinth
  • Poor sound quality

The TomTom Spark 3 is our second favorite fitness watch. It offers many features for your wrist, including access to music without your phone.

You can download music directly to the TomTom Spark 3, so you do not have to take your phone with your Bluetooth headset in the middle of your jogging.

Plus, the Spark 3 offers GPS tracking, a heart rate monitor, and path system navigation, making it the perfect companion to wear on your wrist when you’re running in places you do not really know, as well as to discover new places.

3. Huawei Band 2 Pro

Slim, easy to carry and an impressive battery life.

  • Screen: Yes
  • Heart Rate Tracker: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Tracking Activities: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 21 Days Standby
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS


    • Reasonable price
    • Precise counting of steps


    • Unintuitive application
    • Lack of innovative design

The Band 2 Pro is equipped with heart rate monitoring, VO2 max, GPS, tracking and sleep tracking, as well as impressive battery life. The smoothness of the screen means that this tracker will be as good with an outfit for running as with a business suit, although it is not as easy to read information on this screen end compared to the screens of some other competitors.

If you are looking for a device that gives you perfectly accurate measurements, this is not the model to consider. But if you want an affordable entry-level device for your first fitness experience, this is a great place to start.

Long life battery: 21 days in normal use.

Built-in GPS and Heart Rate Tracking: Track your race routes without a phone and monitor your heart rate.

Water resistant: up to 5 ATM can be worn all day, in the rain, in the shower and even while swimming.

Professional training report: Map, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, speed, pace, VO2 max effect, training effect, recovery time and tips, etc.

Scientific sleep monitoring and powerful applications: Track light and deep sleep and REM sleep phases to improve the quality of your sleep.

Moov Now

One of our favorite trackers of the moment!

    • Screen: No
    • Heart Rate Tracker: No
    • Water Proof: Yes Activity Tracking : Yes
    • GPS: Yes, By Phone
    • Battery Life: 6 Months
    • Compatibility: Android / iOS


    • Excellent battery life
    • Cheap price


    • Limited features
    • No screen

The Moov Now is officially one of our favorite fitness watches right now. It’s cheap, it offers everything you need from a daily tracker and its battery has a phenomenal six-month battery life.

The Moov Now is not only designed for tracking the number of steps, it also comes with a boxing and rep training program, as well as a swimming mode in addition to the running coaching functions and sleep monitoring. So there is enough to deal with all this.

5. Garmin Vivofit 4

Garmin’s newest and the cheapest!

    • Display: Yes, Color LCD
    • Heart Rate: No
    • Water Proof: Yes
    • Activity Tracking: Yes
    • GPS: No
    • Battery Life: 1 Year
    • Compatibility: Android / iOS


    • Very long life battery
    • Small screen, but with colors


    • No GPS or heart rate sensor
    • No notifications on the smartphone

The Garmin Vivofit 4 is one of the best fitness trackers Garmin has ever created, which means it is now in this prestigious ranking alongside other outstanding fitness trackers.

We particularly appreciate the long battery life of this Vivofit 4, which will allow you to not have to charge your device for a year. This means that you can wear it all day for monitoring your activities, then all night for sleep monitoring, all without having to worry about recharging.

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