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Vitamin A: 8 health virtues of melon

Very rich in water, the Charentais melon is a refreshing fruit full of vitamins and minerals. This makes it a perfect health ally. Here are the 8 benefits of this cucurbitaceous.

Melon slows the progression of arthritis

Melon is a fruit that helps fight against inflammatory arthritis . This condition, which affects a large part of the population and especially women, is produced by the inflammation of one or more joints. To slow down its progression, the melon is the ideal ally: it contains carotenoid, a pigment that helps neutralize reactive particles called free radicals, associated with inflammatory and painful phenomena.

Melon would reduce the risk of cancer

The carotenoids present in the melon give it its orange color, but not only. Once assimilated by the body, this type of phytochemical becomes vitamin A , essential for the growth and development of cells , vision and the immune system . Carotenoids have a possible role in cancer prevention, according to several scientific studies.

Melon lowers high blood pressure

Patients who have high blood pressure should perhaps eat a little more melon when it is the season. And for good reason, it contains potassium , about 335mg / 100 grams. It is a nutrient that helps regulate the amount of salt in the body and promotes good water exchange. Note that it is also recommended to lower your sodium intake by keeping your hand light on the salt shaker in case of hypertension.

Melon decreases water retention

In case of water retention , a buildup of water within a tissue of the body causing swelling, the melon is to consume without moderation! Thanks to its high potassium content, it regulates sodium in the body and stimulates the elimination of water .

Melon keeps you hydrated

This fruit contains a lot of water : about 90.9 g / 100g. In summer, it allows to cool off but also to stay well hydrated, perfect in case of hot weather. We prefer the melon not too cold, at the risk of reducing its flavor and make difficult its digestion.

Melon fights constipation

One in two women suffers from constipation , a disorder that slows the digestive system and causes symptoms such as hard stool, less frequent evacuation, but also stomach pain or flatulence. This health problem is often due to a poor diet low in fiber and water. However, the melon contains 0.93g / 100g of fiber and is very rich in water, which is a perfect ally in case of constipation.

Melon for rapid healing

Melon contains in particular an interesting content of vitamin C : on average 28,8mg / 100g. It plays an essential role in the body: it intervenes in the functioning of our immune system and protects cells from premature aging . Vitamin C is also involved in collagen synthesis, which helps to heal wounds and fractures .

Melon helps with weight loss

This fruit contains very few calories: about 33kcal / 100g, and about 6.43g / 100g of sugar. It is therefore a perfect ally for weight loss , if combined with a balanced diet and regular sport.

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