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Water promotes weight loss, myth or reality?

Drinking enough water is essential for general health for a multitude of reasons. Good hydration is especially important for digestion and muscle function. Until then I am not teaching you anything. In addition, we often hear that drinking water makes you lose weight. So is this a myth or a reality? What is it really ? Answer in 4 points:

Water as an appetite suppressant 

When the stomach feels full, it sends signals to the brain to stop eating. Water, taking up space in the stomach, contributes to a feeling of fullness. Moreover, when you feel a little craving, try to hydrate yourself first and do the same at the start of meals. This often helps to better manage the amounts of food eaten afterwards.

Water to burn more calories!

According to some studies, water temporarily increases the body’s resting energy expenditure. Drinking cold water would even allow you to burn more, as the body expends energy to adapt it to its temperature for the needs of digestion.

Water to remove waste 

Water helps the kidneys filter out toxins and wastes. It also helps the stomach to regulate the consistency and frequency of bowel movements. So your body digests better, eliminates waste better and you feel less bloated.

Water to burn fat

Water is the first element that interacts with fat. The consumption of water throughout the day leads to an increase in lipolysis (metabolization of fats), and thus allows them to be burned more easily.

In summary :

Beyond the essential importance of hydration for the proper functioning of the body, drinking enough water is an easy and accessible way to help weight loss. Note also that water helps the proper functioning of the organs and muscle tissue called upon during your physical efforts. So let’s go back to basics!

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