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Weight loss, flexibility, thinness … 6 ideas about yoga

In appearance soft, this practice is an ally of the silhouette and a precious help to face the stress, but it would be accessible only to the soft people … Unravel the truth of the false.

During a yoga session, we do not really get muscle

FALSE. The yoga helps stretch the muscles by working them in depth and length. This practice aims to balance the body. Unlike asymmetrical sports where we muscle more parts of the body, we get with yoga a harmonious silhouette . However, one does not develop the gluteal muscles. For this, the best is to associate his practice to weight training exercises such as squats , which will draw the gluteal muscles.

We do not burn calories by practicing

TRUE AND FALSE. We do not start yoga in order to lose weight . The benefits are deeper than a single aesthetic rendering: yoga works on the deep muscles, those who do not see each other, but who strengthen the body and help better understand the small shocks and microtrauma of everyday life. Note that the practice of fasting yoga will still burn calories : the body draws from its reserves to feed the effort.

Yoga is not really a sport

TRUE. If yoga is a physical activity , it’s more of a lifestyle than a sport . In the long term, performing postures and working on breathing stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body. His teachings are based on the awareness of many things around us. Getting into yoga is also about adopting a new lifestyle, both in terms of physical activity, nutrition, and the management of stress and emotions …

You have to be flexible to perform yoga postures

FALSE. Yoga is accessible to all, and allows to develop its flexibility . To listen to one’s body, to respect one’s limits and to work smoothly, is the secret of a good practice. A very simple posture, which stretches the whole body: standing, feet anchored in the ground, spread to the width of the pelvis, relax the upper body and feel the benefits of this posture in your spine and the back of the legs . Breathe, imagining a thread between the top of your skull and the ceiling.

It is an excellent antistress

TRUE. Thanks to the sequence of postures, associated with breathing, the mind calms down. Practiced several times a week, yoga helps to let go , to take a step back on the little worries of everyday life. As a bonus, we boost self-confidence , we gain in vitality , and we cultivate benevolence towards others, but also towards oneself. In short, we find an inner balance.

It’s a very gentle activity

FALSE. If certain postures and sequences are done gently to promote relaxation and calm as Yin Yoga, there are many different practices, taught in more or less gentle ways. Thus, with the Ashtanga we will find especially the rigor and a more sustained rhythm in the sequences of asanas (postures). As for Bikram Yoga , we are more in the intensity of the effort and the cardio .

Note: There are as many types of yoga as people, you have to experience and opt for the one that is right for you!

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