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Weight training program to be carried out at home, without equipment

Strengthen the bust, tone the thighs and buttocks, draw your abs… Discover our bodybuilding program to be carried out at home, without equipment, which will help you gain mass and lose weight.

Abs , thighs, glutes , legs… It is quite possible to build muscles at home, without equipment . To tone you up, from head to toe, here is the bodybuilding program offered by our sports coach , with two levels of difficulty to progress at your own pace …

Bodybuilding program at home without equipment
The idea with this bodybuilding program, which helps strengthen the lower body, the center and the upper body, is to work in series. We repeat the same exercise several times (3 sets of squats with a certain number of repetitions). To get results, you can start with 15 to 20 repetitions per exercise.

How to carry out this circuit of exercises?

For each exercise, we will do 15 to 20 repetitions of the movement, for 3 sets (between each set, we plan a minute of recovery, where we take the opportunity to hydrate a little or walk in the room to recover actively). Moving quietly during the recovery time both lowers the nervous system, while remaining active and optimizing caloric expenditure.

Good advice from the coach: start your bodybuilding program by opting for classic exercises, and gradually increasing the number of repetitions. Once you are comfortable with these classic exercises, you can incorporate the suggested alternatives to upgrade to a more intense level of exercise and thus increase the difficulty of the workouts.

Squats, to tone the glutes and thighs
Performing squats , step by step:

Stand up, spread your legs about shoulder width apart, and open your feet slightly outward.
Join your fists, and extend your arms in front of your chest. As you flex your legs, lower your glutes and push them back slightly.
Lower your glutes, until you have your thighs parallel to the ground.
Without pausing in the low position, return to the starting position, arms still in front.
Then go on, lower your buttocks to the ground, straighten up …
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise,
opt for the overhead squat. This is the same movement as the classic squat, except that throughout the exercise, your arms are not in front of your chest, but stretched towards the ceiling. Keeping your arms straight during this exercise will also help improve posture and tone your upper back .

Lunges, to strengthen the legs
Perform lunges , step by step:

Stand up, spread your legs slightly, the width of the pelvis. And place your hands on your hips.
With your left leg, take a step forward. Your legs are still straight.
Bend your legs, and lower your right knee to the floor, while the left leg is bent at 90 °. Straighten the legs, then lower the right knee back to the floor, etc.
Check that your left foot is aligned with your left knee, that your abs are tight, and that your back remains straight during the movement. Secure a point in front of you to gain stability.
Then return to the initial position, standing, feet hip-width apart, and this time bring your right leg forward in front of you, to lower the left knee to the ground over several repetitions.
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
You can perform dynamic back lunges: you take a step back and no longer a step forward, and between each repetition, you return to the starting position, stand with feet hip-width apart, before bending the other leg behind.

The bridge, to work the glutes, lumbar and hamstrings
Carry out basin surveys, step by step:

Lie on your back. Fold your legs up and put your feet on the ground. The arms are stretched alongside the body on each side.
Bring your heels closer to your glutes, and check that your shoulders and arms are in contact with the floor.
Raise your pelvis as high as possible, countering the glutes.
Return to the initial position, pelvis on the ground, controlling the descent and still contracting the glutes.
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
Once you are comfortable with the pelvic readings, you can experience the “high bridge”. Lying on the ground, you are resting on our hands resting behind and on your feet firmly anchored in the ground. Raise your whole body so that only your feet and hands are on the ground. You will feel the tension especially in the shoulders .

Push-ups, to work the chest, shoulders, triceps and abs

Perform push – ups , step by step:

To begin, get on your knees, arms outstretched in front, hands resting on the ground. Make sure your shoulders are above your hands.
The shoulders, knees and hips should be in the same line, to avoid straining the hip flexor muscles.
Lower the chest (and not the face!) Towards the hands on the ground (the chest at the height of the elbows, it is already good to start!).
Do 15 push-ups, but if it’s difficult, you can do all 15 in 3 steps (5 push-ups x 3 times).
To go further and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
To raise the level of difficulty of this well-known exercise, you can simply stand on your tiptoes, hooking your toes on the ground.

The superman, to strengthen the lumbar part, the glutes, the center of the back
Realize the Superman, step by step:

Lie face down. Straighten your legs, and also straighten your arms in line with your head.
Lift your arms and legs as much as possible simultaneously, putting your glutes in tension.
Be careful, take your time to perform this exercise, to feel the tension in the lower back and control the descent.
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
To make this exercise a little more difficult, you can, when you lift the body, add a “pull” from the elbows to the ribs. The idea is to do both arms at the same time, while the legs are stretched out.

The crunches, to draw the abs
Perform the crunches , step by step:

Lie on the floor, and place your hands slightly behind the back of your neck.
Bend your legs and place your feet on the floor.
On an exhale, lift the shoulder blades off the ground, raise your bust. The hands accompany the movement without pulling.
The gaze is slightly three-quarters, upwards, and we avoid pulling in the chin too much.
Be careful, do not try at all costs to make a big movement, but take the time to do it correctly, in a small amplitude.
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
Another interesting exercise to try: start lying on your back, your soles in contact with each other and your knees open. Starting with your hands behind your head, or arms stretched out above your head, straighten your chest and touch the ground with your hands in front of you. Go down in control.

Frontal sheathing, to stress the chest, the transverse, and have a thin waist
Do face sheathing , step by step:

Get into a plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Shoulders, hips and feet are aligned.
Feel the elbows coming in, and squeeze your stomach tightly.
To keep the neck aligned, keep your gaze down to the ground.
Hold 45 seconds maximum, because if you hold until exhaustion, you will lose the quality of the movement, the body may start to shake …
To go further, and increase the level of difficulty of the exercise
To do sheathing in dynamic mode, you can opt for the climber exercise. Start on a board, facing the ground, and alternate ascents from the knees to the chest: bring the right knee, then the left knee, then the right knee …

Bodybuilding program at home: the coach’s advice to get a pretty figure
To optimize your bodybuilding sessions at home, and obtain results on the silhouette , Adrien Carau, sports coach recommends:

Don’t go for alternatives that are too difficult to begin with. Start with simple exercises, and master them well before increasing the difficulty.
Set goals that may seem “easy”, but which are regular, rather than planning 1 hour of training every day, which you will not keep …
Turn to a sports coach when you start, to follow one or two sessions, master the basics of bodybuilding, and be corrected in terms of posture and movements.
Train a maximum of three times a week, and allow yourself a beating day between each training day.
Do not neglect gentle stretching , either at the end of the session or at the end of the day.
Stay flexible on the side and don’t hesitate to stretch regularly. When you start to tone your body , you will create a lot of tension …
Maintain a certain muscular and joint mobility, by carrying out adapted exercises regularly.
As part of a weight loss research , combine this bodybuilding program with a circuit training to have calorie expenditure ( HIIT , Tabata …).

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