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What I learned in 2020 and what will bring you in the endurance blog in 2021

Can you actually do a review of 2020 without using the C word?

Not really, right?

I try to ignore the omnipresent topic as far as possible and would like to invite you to read through my 3 top learnings from 2020. We look to the future together, because in 2021 everything will be a little different in the endurance blog.

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My 3 top findings from 2020
2020 was a special year. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. But I don’t want to join the general tenor that will throw in the bin in 2020 and badly talk about almost everything this year. This is too easy for me and it does not correspond to my reality.

There were less good things in 2020 and they were one thing above all: loud and omnipresent. And there were really good things, but most of them were rather quiet. I also remembered two insights lastingly and quietly, while the third one led to a very loud bang.

Insight # 1: Top athletic performance is not important
It’s kind of funny, because 2020 was the first year without a competition for me since I got up from the couch in 2008 to finally do more sport. Now at the end of the year that sounds logical, after all, Corona has thoroughly ravaged all major events.

But the decision (with a small exception) for me was already made at the end of 2019, as you can read in my review article at the beginning of 2020: “No goal and idleness !? What will be different for me in 2020 … “

My realization back then that sport is a very important factor in my life, but more for “wellness” than for performance reasons. I’ve had and still have enough pressure to perform in my professional life and – as honest as I am – I love it. Perhaps one of the main reasons why I quit my job and start my own business from 2021 . But more on that later.

Without exercise and sport, I simply lack the balance in life. That which keeps body and mind in harmony and makes me more balanced and efficient. So far I have mostly associated sport with performance.

I wanted to change that in 2020 and I succeeded. Routines and consistency are more important than new personal bests , it took me more than 10 years to realize this. Or maybe it’s because of my advancing age. In my mid-40s, personal bests are becoming increasingly difficult and apart from myself no one is interested in how fast or slow I run certain distances or ride my bike.

Insight # 2: Goals and plans are needed especially in uncertain times
If you now think that this is why I played sportlessly and aimlessly through the year, then that is not true. I had a clear sporting goal for 2020, I wanted to do sport over 200 days . So around 4 times a week, regardless of duration and type of sport.

I wanted flexibility and that’s why I only set myself rough mileage goals on the bike and for my running shoes. I just missed each of these, but clearly achieved my main goal, the 200x Sport. Three days before New Year’s Eve, there are already 214 sporting days in 2020 and that in a wide variety of sports.

The focus was of course on running, followed by cycling, but there were (again too few) strength training units as well as ski tours and some wonderful mountain hikes, which definitely count as sporting activities for me.

In retrospect, the goal was the best thing that could have happened to me in times of the global pandemic. There was no motivation gap due to a failed competition. Instead, I stayed with it without any problems and was able to practice mental hygiene at its best , especially in times of home office and “being less on the go” thanks to many, sometimes shorter, units .

A weekly plan also helped me, which was briefly called: 4x exercise per week is the goal. Sometimes it can be that simple and so it was no problem to take the racing bike instead of doing the planned running training unit in the best weather and a little more time. A (planned) freedom as I love it!

Insight # 3: Focus is key
The third insight has only marginally to do with sport, but a lot to do with the endurance blog. At the beginning of 2020 I decided again to take on a (new and old) professional challenge and to reduce my activities on the blog to a minimum. There were no courses in the first quarter because I was on the road a lot and was busy.

Then Corona came, which did not bring any relaxation for me professionally (but rather more work), but a lot was happening in my head at that time. What was really important to me? My professional success in an industry and with projects that interest me less and less or a blog business that I’m passionate about and in which I can help so many people lead a more active and better life?

Running was in in the spring and stayed that way all year round. I received enthusiastic feedback for my courses, my articles and, above all, for the ingenious “Finally more sport” community around the endurance blog. And – not unimportant if you put so much time into it – the economic success also came more and more.

Should it really be possible to run the blog as a full-time job? For the first time since it was founded in 2015, I saw the prospect and opportunity and that made my heart beat faster. There was the tingling sensation, which I had less and less in my main job. So in June I made the decision to quit . Mind you, in a company in which I was employed for 13 years, in which I had matured from engineer to manager of almost 100 employees and in whose strong growth I was not insignificant.

Not an easy decision as you can imagine. But with every day until I left at the end of December, it felt more correct, even if saying goodbye to my beloved colleagues was anything but easy.

It is the right way, because it allows me to concentrate fully on the endurance blog. Focus is the key and you will experience a lot here in 2021.

What 2021 brings for the endurance blog
So, let’s get the crystal ball out and look into the future. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t already have plans in my pocket. It just lives and works better with clear goals in mind.

My first virtual run right at the start
Our community should also form the basis for the endurance blog in 2021. Therefore, there will be a joint New Year’s Eve or New Year’s run right at the start of the year. Purely virtual, of course, and long overdue. The business of virtual races is finally flourishing on the internet and for many such “competitions” are an anchor in the uniformity of training.

I’m not a big fan of virtual running events myself, so our New Year’s Eve / New Year’s run will be more of a small event without much fuss. A (virtual) run with friends to welcome the New Year together with no frills. All members of our Facebook group “Finally more sport” can take part .

Exciting guests in the podcast and of course in the blog
In addition to the brilliant community, there are of course still regular blog articles. I don’t run out of ideas and exciting guest articles have already been announced. The podcast will of course continue to be fueled by me with content and there will also be the next innovations.

In December there was a test run with the first interviews and the next guests are ready for 2021. In my podcast I would like to introduce you to exciting guests with their topics that match the endurance blog. And that in constant alternation with solo episodes, where I will especially take up topics from the community.

The Endurance Club – the online fitness studio for runners
Of course, I will also run my meanwhile 3 running courses ( “From 0 to 5 km” , “ Stay tuned ” course and “10 km course” ) several times in 2021. After all, the vision of the endurance blog remains, as many people as possible permanently on the move bring to. But that is by no means all from 2021. Based on the recipe for success of my courses, there will be the endurance club from February.

The endurance club will be the online fitness studio especially for (advanced) runners for whom staying tuned, constancy, fun, variety and community is more important than the hunt for best times.

The endurance club will have weekly training plans, its own community and of course a lot of varied supplementary training from various fitness trainers. Plus running-specific training knowledge in digestible cans and LIVE events with my guests and me. Of course, I will respond to your wishes and you can design the content yourself together with your colleagues.

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