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Why diets do not work

Nearly 95% of people who have followed a diet, regain the weight lost in the next 1 to 5 years.In addition, if the lost weight consist mainly of muscle and fat, the weight of the weight is almost exclusively fat mass . Since muscle burns more calories than fat, this change in body composition leads to a slower metabolism. People who have dieted will have to starve themselves to hope to maintain their weight.

We all have those around us who complain about not eating a lot but still gaining weight. Well, for my part, I do not count the number of customers who fit this profile.

The latter have spent their lives in dieting and even if they manage to lose, they always end up taking more.

This phenomenon is essentially explained by two elements:

  • Think in terms of deprivation when trying to lose weight

When our body feels deprivation, it goes into “survival” mode by slowing down our metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight.

To avoid this, the first thing to change when trying to lose weight is to review the quality of food we eat and the times of the day when we do it. Eating better and smarter, ultimately reduces caloric intake without feeling hungry.

So, it’s about eating enough to satisfy our appetite, but enough fresh and healthy products! Protein, good fats and low glycemic carbohydrates (as much as possible). These are the ones that cause little increase in the sugar level in our blood during their digestion and assimilation. In general, these foods are little processed and very rich in fiber (fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals …).

  • Restrictive diets do not help to establish a healthy lifestyle.

These plans represent short-term solutions that do not lead to a profound change in our way of life. Thus, once the target weight is reached, most people resume their bad habits and eventually regain lost weight. This is called the yoyo effect. But beyond being ineffective, this type of diet is especially dangerous.

Indeed, they can cause disturbances in menstrual cycles, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, increase the risk of long-term obesity and even have significant psychological consequences. Because the followers of drastic regimes often lock themselves in an infernal spiral: it is necessary to deprive more and more to lose less and less, which can lead to a risk of depression.

In short, you will understand, it is better to look to lose slowly and sustainably by making profound changes in your lifestyle.

In a few words: eat better and move more!

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