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Why some runners enjoy their hobby with fun and others don’t

You have probably heard this sentence before. And maybe you’ve already said this sentence yourself several times?

Did you? So why are you here anyway and reading this article?

You wonder why so many others report about the joy and fun of running when you yourself are in hours of discussion with your inner weaker self before each run. If you win this discussion (which happens far too seldom anyway), you grumpily lace up your running shoes and stubbornly run your house round.

Is running fun? Joy? At most, you will feel a tiny sign of satisfaction at the end, when the running for today is finally over.

Why are you running

If running is not for you, why are you doing it?

Do you only run because you should lose weight and because you don’t feel good about yourself? Hmmm – in all honesty, if you want to lose weight, you should go to a nutritional consultation instead of hanging around here on a running blog. This is the faster and more successful way!

Do you run because it’s healthy ? That’s right, exercise in the fresh air is good for you and helps you to master your life in a fit and vital way into old age. Super logical and sensible argument. But also boring. Is that enough for you to have fun and enjoy running? Rather not…

Or do you run because it’s the easiest sport that you can do anywhere, anytime? Easy? Really? How are you doing the first few weeks when you run? Or jogging? Or rather sneak? You puff, you curse, you sweat, your tongue hangs almost to the floor and the longing for an oxygen tent is huge? Fun and joy? Nothing!

But that’s not all. There are more reasons why you don’t enjoy running.

Why you don’t enjoy running

  • You think jogging is stupid

“What must that must” is your mantra when you lace up your running shoes. There is no trace of anticipation and every time you go running you think of a tiresome fulfillment of duty. If even the smallest thing goes wrong – be it because the wind is blowing a little too much today or simply too many people are on your route – your already bad mood sinks even further. Running is and remains stupid, but it has to be …

  • You make yourself worse than you are

Your pace is like that of a snail , your step that of a hippopotamus and anyway you are too bad to be considered a runner? Who says that? Right, you alone. But how are you supposed to feel about something that makes you so depressed? It does not work…

  • You are always looking at others

Constant comparison with others is at least as bad as constantly devaluing yourself. There will always be someone who runs better, faster, longer or nicer than you. Sometimes even all of it at once. And yes, if you run into other people while jogging, they usually look at you too. But less than a second and in the next second they have already forgotten the encounter, even if you ran past them with a red head and panting.

  • You’re running too fast

As soon as you have walked a few hundred meters, you puff and gasp. You are simply not fit, but you can torture yourself. Hard to yourself, after every run you arrive home bathed in sweat and completely exhausted. Your first look is then on your watch and you are only satisfied when you have completed your home round with a new record.

The tips of those who stay tuned – that’s why others have fun running

Enough moaning – what is it now that those who enjoy running do differently? There is no such thing as the ultimate solution for having more fun while jogging. Would be too easy. Instead, you have to find your own solution, your own way. In order for this to work, I would like to give you 3 reasons that make others enjoy running.

Those who stay tuned adapt their running training to their ability

Those who stay at it know what they can and want. So they run slowly and quickly, sometimes short and sometimes long. As it suits you, your skills and goals. Some call it a training plan , but it’s really just about adapting your running training to your ability.

It makes no sense to follow any training plan from the Internet that you don’t meet at all. Especially since most of these mostly free plans do not mention any requirements. A plan that doesn’t suit you. is worthless. Point!

By the way, breaks are also part of your running training. Because nothing is more frustrating in the long run than being constantly injured due to excessive stress or frustrated due to excessive stress. That’s why those who stay tuned don’t try to get faster in every run.

Those who stay tuned don’t skimp on their equipment

A stickler would never think of running his lap in battered sweatpants and a cotton sweatshirt. The jogging pants constantly slide towards the back of the knees and the shirt is soaked in sweat after just a few meters and the resulting moisture makes you sweat and shiver at the same time. Unpleasant!

Functional clothing is the choice of those who stay tuned and you don’t have to (but of course you can’t) spend a fortune on it. Decathlon * offers, for example, good and affordable functional clothing for bargain hunters and beginners.

If you’re ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket, I recommend clothing from Skinfit . You will enjoy them for a very long time. I’ve been wearing some Skinfit pieces for many, many years.

The right shoes are even more important than the right clothes . It would never occur to anyone who stayed at it to order any kind of running shoes from the Internet that he (or she) neither knows nor has ever tried out. Why are there specialist shops with specialist staff ?!

Stay tuned make their run nice

While one of them looks sullen when running is on the program again, those who stay on look forward to their training. Some because regular runs are their time for themselves . Finally time without screaming children or any more or less annoying work. Time to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries through movement. Others, on the other hand, love it when the oxygen floods their lungs and they can enjoy their surroundings or an exciting audio book *.

Still others love their technical toys, their running watch that has all the bells and whistles you need (or even want to have). And finally there are those who stay tuned, who prefer to be out with others. There are friends who meet to run and chat, although the order is variable.

No matter what it is, running is associated with positive feelings and sensations for all of the above . And already the overcoming is no longer great. It’s just a fact that your attitude towards something controls your feelings.

Running is fun – incredible, but true

Even those who stay tuned do not enjoy every run, but they enjoy their hobby and know that running makes you happy. At least, most of the time…

Those who stick with it sometimes torment themselves, but not all the time and their realistic goals  make them what they are: stick with it.

If you can run for 30 minutes in a row and still struggle with yourself and your runs, then I have something for you. “Fit through the dirty time – the stay tuned course” is an inexpensive 6-week program and ideal for you if you want to consolidate 5km and develop running fun. You will also learn the first elements on the way to a higher pace and you will get strengthening exercises by hand, which are essential for long-term running fun.

So you can look forward to a real running experience with me and my team. Because in the stay tuned course there are also the first exercises by my experts, who will also accompany you in the subsequent 10km course .

All information and the possibility to book can be found here:

  • Fit through the dirty time of 2020 – the stay tuned course

Finally, an extra tip. In general, don’t make running and exercise your only hobbies. This is especially important if you are injured. Everything can, nothing has to be – at least stress has no place in running. If in the long run things don’t work out with you and you, then that’s the way it is. Are there other great opportunities to move around …

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