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Why sport is unbeatable in a community

Surely you know as well as anyone that you burn the same amount of calories or build muscle during a certain exercise, both alone and in a group. The only question is whether or not you do sports at the end of the day. In a group you encourage each other and thus fight your inner weaker self. Finding new friends or strengthening a relationship is also immensely increased through sport. And with a little skill and luck, you can even become a celebrity, big or small.

Many advantages for young and old
Of course everyone is different, it doesn’t matter whether it’s about goals, favorite football team or about the sport in general. Therefore, some avoid team sports and others love it all the more. But many don’t know that even at a young age it makes a big difference whether you play sports alone or in a community. On the one hand, we are taught important values ​​that challenge and promote us in areas such as communication and organization. Sport therefore contributes to the psychological and physical development of the body from an early age. Regardless of age, a sophisticated training plan also increases blood flow to your brain and stimulates the production of hormones (endorphins and serotonin). That means, conversely, that fitness makes you much happier and a bit more successful in the long run, because without depression and other mood swings you can simply enjoy life better. Even if we all get old and wrinkled sooner or later, there is still something we can do for our health. Exercise has been shown to increase life expectancy, as important organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys are strengthened through proper exercise.

A better sense of community and life
Try to train with as large a group as possible, because it often happens, especially in larger groups, that many people are pursuing the same goal. If you achieve goals together with others and then celebrate them, this not only increases motivation on the further path, but also promotes a sense of community and creates friendships. In addition, a large number of amateur athletes open up completely new opportunities. This includes on the one hand performing exercises and sports that require several people and on the other hand exchanging experiences, important tips and tricks. Especially with people who have been training for a long time or are even a trainer, you can occasionally glimpse important things or learn from conversations, that can help you with your further training. Since trust among friends and training partners should also play a major role, there is no room for excuses or the like on days with less desire.

Doing sports together is unbeatable! You can find out why this is so, which sport is suitable and where you can find partners here.
Widespread community sports
You are probably aware that football is probably the most popular sport among Germans, but of course not the only sport that is suitable for large and small groups. You know for sure that sports like handball, tennis and volleyball have already taken their place in our society, but that’s a good thing, because who would we be today if we weren’t open to new ideas. In a way, we have all (including you) developed these sports up to the present day. In the last century in particular, more and more sports with English-speaking origins spilled into Germany. Starting with cricket, which you can play on the lawn at home as well as in the city park, it continues to basketball and ice hockey. The Germans were particularly fond of the sport on the ice and so the first official German ice hockey championship was held as early as 1912. At that time, the Berlin ice skating club won 2 to 1 against SC Charlottenburg. Even if there was a loser here, you could still celebrate together afterwards. Even if you already know it, there are no losers in sport because everyone who takes part has already won.

Sport as a medium in the online world
You wouldn’t read this blog post if you didn’t already know that exercise is a big part of the internet. Of course, you can also share your training results online on social media or other platforms. Platforms like sporby.com are suitable for this, on which you can create events or join existing ones and redeem your results in the form of points for vouchers for a sporting goods manufacturer of your choice. But even Facebook groups like last more sports of ausdauerblog.de offer their own unique charm and promote both the desire for more exercise and a healthy diet.

3… 2… 1… action
As already mentioned in the last section, there are a number of platforms on which you can share your results and indirectly compare yourself with others. Of course, the comparison with others pushes you even more, but just not a false shame, because what is better than being the best at something. Nowadays you can easily pull out your smartphone and take some cool pictures or videos. But a live stream can also be a very promising medium. Especially in times of Corona, many fitness coaches and influencers use live streams and usually share their morning workout there every day. There you can watch everything from A for aerobics to Z for Zumba. Give it a try and who knows, you might inadvertently become a little celebrity of the World Wide Web.

If you are down here at the latest, you will have noticed that exercising in a community rather than alone has a lot of advantages. Starting with the healthy development of children, the easy finding of friends up to the morning livestream on social media, there are many possibilities for you to shape your life positively. As already mentioned above, you can now easily find new training partners and connect with them. So that the first step is not difficult for you, we at SporbyEstablished a platform for making friends and organizing sports events. Of course, Sporby also revolves around topics such as nutrition and health, which are indirectly related to sports. We also offer numerous other features that we would like to explain to you in more detail on our website.

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