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Why you will finally be jogging regularly

You finally want to do more sport and, above all, finally jog regularly ?

Very good – in principle this is an excellent project. If it weren’t for the problem that you’ve probably done this several times. However, you have never really succeeded in this project. Is that so? Have you ever given up jogging after a few pitiful attempts?

Then you should read the article very carefully.

Jogging regularly – a good resolution that isn’t one
“I should actually do more sport.”

Have you used this phrase before?

“Running would be good, it’s no fun, but it’s very practical.”

Does it go on like this then? Then you’ve made a good resolution.

A good resolution – what does that actually mean? The Duden writes “something that someone has consciously and resolutely undertaken; firm intention; firm decision ” . * 1 Good intention has its origin in Catholic confession, where it is the continuation of repentance. Evil is avoided by wanting to do good. * 2

And this is exactly where the first big problem lies. With a good resolution, one speaks in coaching of a so-called avoidance goal . It primarily describes what you no longer want. However, this only works on the linguistic level and thus hardly brings you motivation in the long term . Our brain just works differently. It can’t handle avoidance goals. Need an example?

When I tell you, don’t think of a pink elephant. What do you have in mind then? Right – a pink elephant.

Another problem is that “ I should do more exercise ” is not a goal. It is not specific, has no date and a why is missing. It looks a little better with the resolution to run. At least a first little why can be discovered here.

But what happens to the good intentions?

The spiral of giving up
Shortly after you make up your mind, you are motivated. You read a blog article on the internet about how good running can affect your life . It carries you away. You order new running clothes on the internet and imagine how great it is to enjoy a time just for you and your thoughts in bright sunshine.

So you get started – right now you lace up your old running shoes. They’re left over from one of your last unsuccessful attempts and wandered into the farthest corner of your shoe closet. You step outside the door, but there is no sun. An icy wind blows around your nose and you start running shivering. At the next corner you have to take the first break from walking. You are completely out of breath and that frustrates you. Defiantly you try again and again and after 20 minutes you come home with the crimson head of a tomato.

Two days later you start again – you run again and again you don’t get far before your lungs seem to burst. This time you’ll be home in just 15 minutes. Another two days later you want to run again, but something comes up and you skip it. The next two times you pull yourself up again, but it doesn’t get any better.

You don’t feel any progress. Running is brutally exhausting and not fun at all. You’re not a runner. And anyway, your knee complains every time you run and your back first.

And so the motivation dwindles bit by bit. “Running is stupid anyway and is damaging to your joints anyway.” This is confirmed by one or the other article that you can find on the internet right now …

Well – with this description you got yourself into the spiral of giving up . At this point at the latest, the running is over. Again and see you again …

Do you want to cover 5km and jog regularly? Then register now …

The tough beginning or the very beginning is difficult …
This is not unknown to me. Definitely not! It also took me a few unsuccessful attempts to become a runner again. But the breakthrough came in 2008 – what was different this time?

It was shortly after the New Year – so everything was as usual and a really typical time for New Year’s resolutions . I laced up my (much too) old running shoes and started jogging. Can’t be that heavy, after all, I was only in my early 30s, weighed just a few pounds too much and had no health restrictions. The best conditions and still I didn’t get far.

Less than 10 minutes after I got into a trot, I struggled with gasping. “It can’t be true that I can’t run for 10 minutes at a time.” I thought. But it was the bitter truth ! I struggled for another 5 minutes and was frustrated. Nevertheless, I stayed at it, started reading and questioned my colleague.

Because that was the first thing I did differently this time. I had a role model, a kind of mentor . A work colleague started exercising again and when it came to body weight he needed it a lot more than I did. But this colleague had one decisive advantage – he had enough experience. It was 15 years ago, but he was a really good triathlete before the family, children, job and laziness took their toll.

I could ask him and we went running together on our business trips from time to time. But that wasn’t the only thing. Shortly after my tough start, I set myself a goal . I wanted to do a popular triathlon 5 months later. From the point of view of that time, that was very ambitious, but also achievable. 400m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running are possible for a healthy person in 5 months. Cycling wasn’t a major problem anyway and I would somehow survive swimming. If only it weren’t for running … And so I defied the odds and laced up my running shoes time and time again.

After about 4 weeks I had the first small sense of achievement – at least I ran for 20 minutes at a time – but I couldn’t really move forward. A training plan was needed. As an inquisitive and structured person, I began to research and finally found what I was looking for. So there it was, the plan that leads an absolute beginner to his first 5km .

It said that you should run for 2 minutes at the beginning and then walk for 2 minutes. I beg your pardon? I want to be a runner, not a walker, but my colleague advised me to give it a try. And so I finally tried it …

Do you want to do more sports? Finally jogging regularly? Then the resolution is not enough, because you need a plan and a little more besides …

In 8 weeks from 0 to 5 running kilometers
I no longer have the plan from then. But the principles behind it are stored deep within me. And finally, last year I garnished you with my further experiences on a beginners running course , which will also lead you to your first 5 kilometers in 8 weeks.

And that even and especially when you are over 40. The average age of my successful beginners is 48! So this excuse certainly doesn’t count.

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