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Workout Program for People Over 40

When it comes to training, most experts agree that moving is important, regardless of age; and even more especially for those who are in their forties.

In fact, the older you get, the more the body tends to lose its vigor or deteriorate if it is not properly stimulated. The flower of the physiological age is considered to be between 25 and 30 years old. After that, the body gradually begins to lose its abilities. The atrophic muscles, the increasingly fragile joints and progressive weight gain are just a few of the consequences of advancing age.

However, it is possible to beat time and maintain good overall health by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to good nutrition, regular physical activity, such as weight training, will have more than beneficial effects on your health. Nevertheless, to avoid injury, it is important to have an exercise program adapted to your situation.

Here is a bodybuilding program specifically designed for people over 40 years old.


Note that this program is designed for a person who does not have health problems (heart, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.). If you have contraindications, be sure to consult your doctor before starting a treatment, Program, whatever it is.

Cardiovascular Training

The important thing to remember is that the older you get, the more fragile the joints become. It will be important to restart physical activity gradually, and with sports that have little impact on your joints and do not stimulate your muscles in an abusive way. Privilege activities such as:

  • Walking

This activity can be practiced everywhere. If you want to add more rhythm and stability to your movements, get a set of walking sticks. These could save you a nasty fall. In addition, if you leave the house, always remember to bring your cellphone in case discomfort occurs.

  • Swimming

Today, most municipalities offer aqua fitness classes for seniors. These sessions will help you work on both your cardiovascular capacity and your muscle tone. In addition, when you are in a pool, your body burns more calories: 10% more on average.

  • Yoga

This activity is excellent for the body, for the soul and for your joints; I strongly recommend it to you! Just like swimming, several senior level courses are now offered in some municipalities or fitness centers. The first step is to pick up the phone and call to inquire.

  • Bodybuilding Program

As a physical educator, I advise you to start the program by following this planning.

Week 1 and 2: once a week

Week 3 and 4: twice a week

Week 5 and 6: three times a week

How to Perform the Program?

In order to optimize the results, I advise you to follow the exercises in the proposed order. For each exercise, you will need to perform:

– Repetitions: this is the number of contractions you must perform before taking a break.

– Series: This is the number of times you will need to execute repetition blocks before moving on to the next exercise.

Example: 3 sets of 15 repetitions

This involves performing the exercise 15 times, taking a break, and repeating it two more times.


If you feel that the exercises are becoming easier, you can increase the number of repetitions, sets and / or increase the load.

  1. Elbow Flexion Sitting On a Ball

Muscles: Biceps

Series: 2 to 4

Repetitions: 12 to 15

Description: Sitting on a ball, a dumbbell in each hand and head straight. While exhaling, flex your elbows simultaneously and slowly. Return to your initial position by inspiring.

Note: Make sure that during movement, only your forearms are moving.

2. Static Socket

Muscles: Grand Pectoral

Series: 3

Repetitions: 10

Description: Standing up, make sure both hands are at the height of your chest. While exhaling, apply progressive pressure by pushing both hands against each other for 5 to 8 seconds. Release while inspiring.

Note: If you feel dizzy while you press, this is a sign that you need to release the blood pressure.

3. Horizontal Tilt

Muscles: Back

Series: 2 to 4

Repetitions: 10 to 12

Description: Kneeling, on a floor mat, arms up. While exhaling, lean forward until your hands touch the ground. Return to your initial position by inspiring.

4. Elbow Extension

Muscles: Triceps

Series: 3

Repetitions: 15 repetitions of each arm

Description: Sitting on a chair, a dumbbell between your thumb and your index finger and the other arm that serves as a stabilizer. While exhaling, extend the elbow. Return to your initial position by inspiring. Once the repetitions are completed with one arm, continue with the other.

Note: When performing the movement, make sure that only your forearm is moving.

5. Vertical Elevation

Muscles: Deltoids (shoulders)

Series: 2 to 4

Repetitions: 12 to 15 on each side

Description: Sitting on a chair or on a ball, a dumbbell in each hand placed at the height of your ears. Extend the elbow so that you can carry your left dumbbell as high as possible. When this is done, bring it back to the original height and at the same time, extend your right elbow. When one arm flexes, the other must be in extension.

6. Lateral Rotation of the Leg

Muscles: Buttocks

Series: 3

Repetitions: 5 on each side

Description: Standing, one hand resting on one chair and the other resting on your leg making the movement. Raise your leg 10 centimeters off the floor and rotate for 5 to 10 seconds. As soon as you finish 5 to 10 seconds with one leg, continue with the other. Continue the series by alternating legs one after the other.

Note: If you are having balance problems, execute the movement over a shorter period of time.

7. Knee Extension

Muscles: Quadriceps

Series: 3

Repetitions: 12 to 15

Description: While sitting on a chair, while exhaling, make an extension of your right knee. Return to your original position and continue with the left leg.

Note: In order to add resistance to the movement, you can have ankle-type weights that will be attached to your ankles.

8. Bending Of the Trunk with Balloon

Muscles: Abdominal

Series: 2 to 4

Repetitions: Maximum

Description: Lying on the floor, hands on each side of the body, a balloon stuck between your thighs. While exhaling, bring the ball as close to your abdomen as possible. Return to your initial position by inspiring.

Note: this exercise can run without a ball.


As a coach, I can tell you that if you do not have any contraindications and you perform these movements, your body will thank you for allowing you to enjoy a good quality of physical life for years to come up. The human body is a beautiful machine; it is necessary to know how to maintain it properly.

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